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Therapy Expectation


What to Expect From Therapy

Therapy or counseling refers to the treatment of psychological problems. Therapists and clients work together to understand problems and come up with plans to fix them. The focus is generally on changing ineffective thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. Most therapy focuses on individuals, although psychotherapists also work with couples, families, and groups. The general goal of therapy is to learn and apply effective means to deal with problems by building upon personal strengths and managing ineffectual behaviors or thoughts. The counselor will encourage your personal growth and development in ways that foster your interest and welfare.

Therapy is a collaborative process involving you and your therapist who can help you figure out the best approach to handling problems. It's important to have confidence in your therapist and believe in his or her approach. It may take some time to fully understand your psychotherapist’s recommendations, so do not hesitate to ask questions.
The first step is to identify the problem. For example, you may feel angry or frustrated, but can’t easily pinpoint the cause. A psychotherapist will help determine the best way to address your issues. Treatment will be based on current scientific research, the therapist’s theoretical orientation, and your culture, values, and preferences.

Your counselor may recommend a more hands-on approach to treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy or behavior modification. These treatment methods often involve homework or specific tasks designed to help you develop more effective coping skills. In other approaches such as psycho-dynamic, humanistic, or psychoanalytic therapy, you may talk about early experiences to better understand the root causes of problems that are affecting you now. Personal change is a difficult but rewarding endeavor involving effort on the part of the client. From setting goals to executing tasks outside of the session to asking questions from the therapist, “ownership” of the process by the client is essential. Progress is expected to be faster if the client is actively involved in the whole counseling process, from the first assessment (being honest and working toward developing a trusting relationship) to termination (determining when to conclude therapy).

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